Breaking News: Juha Puhtimäki unharmed after car accident

Juha Puhtimäki involved in car accident whilst transporting his horses
Joensuu’s pitcher and player of the year for 2019 Juha Puhtimäki was involved in a car accident whilst transporting his horses Johnny Flame and Sky Dreamer between Kaatamo and Sarvikummu on 6th February 2020. Puhtimäki is uninjured in the accident, but Johnny Flame suffered minor injuries and Sky Dreamer sadly had to be put to sleep due to injuries. Puhtimäki stated that the road was very slippery due to poor weather conditions and his car skidded into a ditch. According to Puhtimäki the horses were seemingly unharmed initially; however became distressed whilst waiting for the vehicle to be recovered.

Juha Puhtimäki recently posted a video entitled My Day which showed a day in the life of Superpesis’ biggest name at the moment. The video included a scene with Johnny Flame and the stable. 

Our thoughts are with Juha Puhtimäki at this time with the loss of his horse and the ordeal he has been through. 


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