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Superpesis Roundup Awards 2019

Superpesis Roundup awards 2019
With the official awards now having been won, we turn to our very own Superpesis Roundup awards for 2019. The awards are chosen by the team here at Superpesis Roundup and fit different categories to the official awards. The categories are: Player of the year - awarded to the player who contributed the most during the season overall;Game of the year - the game this year that stood out as being of high quality and drama;Leadoff player of the year - the player at the top of the lineup who reached first base most successfully and ran home successfully from third base;Clutch player of the year - Rookie of the year - Kotiutuskilpailu pair of the year - the batter and runner who had the most success in kotiutuskilpailu during the year;Precision player of the year - the player who has had the best record moving players to 2nd or 3rd base, requiring accuracy and skill;Kunniajuoksu leader award - the player with the most kunniajuoksu in the regular season;Signing of…

The Roundup - 22nd to 27th October 2019

The roundup 22nd to 28th October 2019
The big stories Sami Haapakoski and Severi Piispanen join Pattijoen Urheilijat Raahe have added a huge name to their roster for 2020 in Sami Haapakoski, who returns from Vimpeli after 10 seasons to the local area for his breeder club. Haapakoski has had a massive impact for Vimpeli over the years and boasts a career 694 total games at the top level with 259 runs batted in and 1314 runs scored. Haapakoski has won the championship gold in 3 seasons, silver 5 times and bronze 3 times.
Raahe also add Severi Piispanen from to their ranks to complete their lineup for next season. Piispanen played for Alajärvi in 2019 with a success percentage of 60.2% over 30 regular season games. 
Siilinjärvi make some final moves to finish their lineup for 2020 SiiPe has signed up Kimmo Lukkari for an extension to his contract to 2020. Lukkari was a key player for SiiPe in 2019 and lead the team in runs batted in (2 kunniajuoksu and 57 other runs batted in). Mikko Hakomäki h…

The Roundup - 7th to 21st October

The roundup 7th to 21st October 2019
The big stories Tampere Manse PP sign a new manager for 2020 On 14th October Tampere announced that Matti Iivarinen had signed to be their new manager for 2020 on a 1 year deal. Iivarinen leaves KPL after steering them to a silver and bronze finish in Superpesis for 2018 and 2019 respectively, with some 400 plus games under his belt with various teams. Prior to his career as a manager, Iivarinen was a great pitcher, representing in the East v West game on 11 occasions and winning pitcher of the year twice. With Juha Niemi having signed for Tampere already this offseason, they are looking to make an impact in their return to Superpesis after an outstanding season in Ykköspesis that saw them automatically promoted.
Siilinjärvi still looking to make moves to secure lineup On 14th October Tampere announced that Matti Iivarinen had signed to be their new manager for 2020 on a 1 year deal. Iivarinen leaves KPL after steering them to a silver and bronze finish …

End of season evaluations - part 2

End of season evaluation and review part 2 Places 6-9 As the season is but a distant memory now, we look back at each team and consider their performance.
6th Seinäjoen JymyJussit Seinäjoki had a steady run throughout the year, but it was fairly average. Their runs for was above average however, although their results were effectively 15 wins and 15 losses.  At the end of the season Seinäjoki were 1 point above 7th and 1 point behind 5th, but well adrift of securing home field advantage. The final full week of the regular season saw Seinäjoki take 3 points in a win over Tahko and 1 point in a narrow loss to Sotkamo, which earns them top of that weeks Superpesis Roundup power rankings. Sadly Seinäjoki could not continue this form into the post season and they were swept 0-3 by KPL. Final place in table: 6th Final calculation: 6th Mid season prediction: 6th Comment: Consistently 6th.  Will need to try harder next year to secure home field advantage in the playoffs. Overall grade:     B-

7th Pattij…

Pesäpallo awards 2019

Pesäpallo awards 2019
This year has been an exciting year in Pesäpallo and we have seen some tremendous efforts from clubs and individuals. Below are the results of the 2019 winners of the Pesäpallo association awards (for men’s superpesis).
Stay tuned for later in the month when we at Superpesis Roundup will dish out our own special awards and tributes...
Baseball players of the year Men’s Superpesis: Juha Puhtimäki, Joensuun Maila With an outstanding year and his second consecutive championship under his belt, it is hard to deny that Puhtimäki was not player of the year for 2019. Yes achievements at the plate were only part of his success, as his constant encouragement and team spirit shone.
Superpesis for Boy’s: Perttu Ruuska, Vimpelin Veto At only 18 years of age Perttu followed up last year’s breakout season with another stellar performance at his breeder club Vimpeli. With 99 runs batted in and 7 kunniajuoksu, Perttu was key to Vimpeli’s success at topping the table. Perttu will be one…

The Roundup - 30th September to 7th October

The roundup 30th September to 6th October 2019
After a long hiatus the roundup is back! As we cover the news between seasons.

The big stories Moves and signings for 2020 With 2019 in the books, the teams are already scrambling to sign out of contract players and secure their lineups for 2020. Some key signings include:
Name 2019 Team 2020 Team Jere Dahlström Imatran Pallo-Veikot Kouvolan Pallonlyöjat Antti Hartikainen Kouvolan Pallonlyöjat Joensuun Maila Topi Hurskainen Kiteen Pallo -90 Joensuun Maila Tuomas Jussila Joensuun Maila Imatran Pallo-Veikot