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Superpesis Roundup Christmas Message

Superpesis Roundup Christmas message
It has been an absolute pleasure to produce this blog this year and bring commentary and interest to such a fantastic sport. I want to thank everyone who has viewed our posts and hope to bring much more content for the future.
I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone joy and peace as people celebrate at this time of year; we wish you all a merry Christmas, however you may celebrate and we hope you all have a happy new year.
Best wishes

Superpesis Roundup Team

Superpesis Roundup Dream Team 2019

Superpesis Roundup Dream Team
With 2019 coming to a close, we here at Superpesis Roundup have put together our dream team for the year. The teams highlighted are the teams the players played for in 2019 and are not necessarily their current club.
The dream team has been chosen after carefully looking at the players statistics, how they performed in their team’s lineup and their fielding positions. The 2019 lineup is:
Batting order Tommi Mäentausta (KPL)Joni Rytkönen (Sotkamon Jymy)Antti Hartikainen (KPL)Teemu Nurmio (IPV)Tuomas Jussila (Joensuun Maila)Juha Puhtimäki (Joensuun Maila)Olli Heikkala (Vimpelin Veto)Sami Haapakoski (Vimpelin Veto)Antti Korhonen (Sotkamon Jymy)
Jokers Jukka-Pekka Vainionpää (Seinäjoen JymyJussit)Roope Korhonen (Sotkamon Jymy)Topi Hurskainen (Kiteen Pallo -90)

Batting 1st - Outfielder Tommi Mäentausta (Kouvolan Pallonlyöjat) There could be no doubt that the man for the top spot in the dream team lineup is Mäentausta. With 144 trips to 1st base and a 69.64% success rat…

The Roundup - 12th November to 8th December 2019

The roundup 12th November to 8th December 2019
First of all I want to apologise for the delay in this post - news is slow this time of year, but I’ve had a struggle to find time to post due to pressures of work. Stay tuned as we have some posts in the pipeline before we start the Halli-SM coverage in the new year...
The big stories Structure for 2020 season is released The executive committee has released the format for the 2020 season, which will see all 14 teams play each other twice and play 4 other fixtures to bring total games played to 30. The teams are divided into groups, which determines who they play for the 4 additional fixtures. The groups are: Group 1 - each team plays each other team twice, one home and one away game per opponent Hyvinkään Tahko Imatran Pallo-Veikot Kouvolan Pallonlyöjat 
Group 2 - each team plays each other team twice, one home and one away game per opponent Joensuun Maila Kiteen Pallo -90 Siilinjärven Pesis
Group 3 - each team plays each other team twice, one home a…